What is Apttus CPQ?

What is Apttus CPQ?

Apttus CPQ Training (Configure Price Quote) is the sales tool from the Apttus line of product offerings which are designed to serve the sole purpose of providing reliable and accurate quotes in real-time. This not only helps the companies to gain this information but also enables Sales teams with cross-sells.

With the Apttus CPQ tool, organizations gain better leads into their newer sales, and cross-sells and sale cycles are quadrupled as well.

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What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is an offering from the Salesforce end, which is for organizations to provide the most accurate and reliable price quotes, given the required information, such as the product configuration.

These applications take into consideration many factors like discounts, features, quantities, customization, etc., and then provide quote prices precisely quick, ly and accurate. As Salesforce has its own Cloud offering, the tool can be used on-premise or on the cloud (just as the need demands).


What is the role of Apttus in Salesforce?

Apttus Omni is built atop of Salesforce, which is one of the most scalable and most secure platform clouds. It means that Apttus Quote-to-Cash (QTC) tool already inherits most of the amazing features that Salesforce has to provide for its customer base, such as the ability to run businesses with multiple languages and currencies, mobile access, and last but not the least, analytics.

Overview of Apttus CPQ and Salesforce CPQ:

Apttus CPQ, as discussed earlier, is an innovative CPQ offering from the Apttus line of offerings, which is powered by undying artificial intelligence. Salesforce CPQ, on the other hand, is fully native and built on all features of Salesforce which not only automates quote generation but also the order and contract processes.

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